May 21, 2023 · Under General, select Check for Updates.


Includes links for games, keys, firmware, shaders and some other stuff. .



(normaly) shader cache. Made for 128BitBay and r/NewYuzuPiracy. .


. best yuzu settings – pokemon scarlet and violet. Nov 13, 2022.

ago. Some users have reported having blackscreens when using the OpenAL sound backend after playing for some time.

Try backing up and then deleting the game's savedata folders.

#yuzu #pokemonscarlet #pokemonviolet #rtx3060 #ryzen Game is still collecting shader cache so it can be laggy at times.

. May 21, 2023 · Under General, select Check for Updates.

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If this doesn't solve it, backup your whole Ryujinx data folder ( C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Ryujinx, or the portable folder if you've made a portable install) and then delete it.


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In some rare cases, a shader cache might become corrupted and crash when compiling shaders on boot. Open Cheat Engine. . 395 Graphics Backend : Vulkan The game seems to be running well on default settings on Vulkan with some minor visual issues. Our Megathread for files needed to set up emulators, as well as roms and PC games:. In the Logging tab, make sure you leave the settings to.

I know that when I copy and paste it into the Violet shader cache.

. Boost your FPS in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on Ryujinx! With this build of Ryujinx the fps is a lot more stable and can give a huge boost for lower end systems.



3 issues.


Hello All, I just want to ask, if everyone that read this can share their little help to kindly give the shader caches ( some kinda like a collection maybe ), you all can try to zip it in one file and upload it to some servers link zippyshare, megaup, mediafire, etc, so not only me, but even anyone that read this post can download it ( try to pinned the most completed.